Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something new...

Salam semua....

I've been saving money for quite some time, to purchase sumthing that i've wanted for almost a year. When my husband gave his green light, i terus start saving. Actually, i've two things in mind....

  1. A new and bigger refrigerator
    2. A new sofa set
    so im stuck in between choosing among these two different item. The thing is, both item individually are very costly. So, i have to decide, which one goes first. Masa tengah pening2 kepala buat keputusan, my dearest husband came up with a very brilliant idea....

    My husband: Takpela, you kumpul duit beli peti ais, biar i belikan sofa.
    Me : Betulke bang?
    (with a big wide smile on my face... i replied again)
    Tapi i nak yang mahal tau...
    p/s: baik tak my husband? ;p
    so, after godek2 here and there, few brand caught my attention. Among...
Toshiba Fridge (GR-R38MDV]

Sharp 4 Door French Fridge [SJ-F70PSSL]

Toshiba Fridge [GR-RG73MDA]

Electrolux 3 Door Fridge [ETB-2603PA]

Frankly, i kinda like Toshiba Fridge [GR-RG73MDA], due to all these advantages:

Energy Saving Illumination Energy saving and maintenance-free LED lights with no heat emission ensure more stable temperature control.
Stylish Duct Cover Enhanced cool air wrap design with transparent blue decorative pattern creates a more stylish look.
Sliver (Ag) Anti-Bacterial Crisper Fruits and vegetables maintain their nutrients and stay fresh longer The Glass Collection Series5 Stars Energy Efficient Tempered Glass Door Hybrid Guard System
UV Fresh Guard
Cool Air Wrap
Hybrid Plasma DeodorizerTempered Glass ShelvesIce Twister Dimension : W655mm x D724mm x H1773mmWeight : 80kg

but still, the Sharp 4-door French Fridge [SF-F70PSSL], caught my attention, so much. is's so spacious, i can just imagine how organize my fridge will be. Not that it's not now, it's just that after sometime, brg2 mcm bertambah banyak pulak...

Sharp Plasmacluster Double French Door Refrigerator (S Class Series)
4-Door Symmetry Design
700 Litres Gross Capacity
556 Litres Net Storage Capacity
Stainless Steel Door Finish
Quick Freezing Compartment
Express Ice Making
Express Freezing ON/OFF
Plasmacluster Ion
3-Pieces Tempered Glass
Centre Pillar-Less Fridge Compartment
Bottom Freezer
Actifresh Hybrid Cooling System
Double Honeycomb Deodorizer
Electronic Display / Control
Inside Light
4-Litre Bottle Holder
Fresh Case
Twin Ice Cube Maker
A-Class Energy Saving
Silver Shot Blasting Handle
Door Alarm
Child Lock

mencabar betul. But, cut the crap, maybe i'll choose the Toshiba since the black plasma door certainly match my kitchen cabinet ;p

peti ais lama akan dihadiahkan kepada my sis yang baru kawin dan baru nak mula hidup sendiri :)

I'll decide later, tuuuunnnnnggggguuuuuu.................................

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Salam semua...

Lamanya tak menulis. Actually, i've been away for quite sometime. 2 weeks to be exact. My husband sent me back to my hometown, ipoh. Kasihan my husband, terpaksa jadi 'orang bujang' sekejap, ke.... sebenarnya dia seronok???? ;p, nak kena tanya ni.... Tapi, sebelum meninggalkan, semua sudah disediakan. Sampai sakit2 pinggang, meng'iron' 7 pasang baju kerja abang dalam satu malam, kemas dua beg berbeza, siapkan 10 kilo sambal pecal.... letih betul...
My sis's wedding was on 12 and 13 of dec. SIBUKNYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuhan sahaja yang tahu. There's a lot of things to be settled, to be planned, to be estimate etc. My parent insisted, not to use the catering service, so kami masak sendiri, sama macam my wedding dulu. Actually, kami adik beradik dah pakat2, nak pujuk mama and abah, tak perlu la masak sendiri, just ambil katering. Yes, masak sendiri lebih menjimatkan, tapi penatnya... rasa macam nak cabut kaki and gantung kat dinding je.
This is the second wedding ceremony for my family. We learnt a lot from the first one, which is my wed. Ada banyak benda yang terkilan rasa di hati. A lot of thing that i wish i've done differently. Can you just imagine, ptg lepas Asar nak nikah, 2 pm im still with baju buruk, tengah mengacau lauk??? Bising je mak andam.... Andai boleh diputar waktu.... well, enough of that, bak kata my husband, "yang sudah tu sudah, yang penting semua berjalan lancar, kita dah selamat...." Tht's why, for my sis wedding, i dont want the same thing that happenned to me, happen to her. We've tried our best, to make sure that everything run smoothly. Yes, kita merancang, Tuahn menentukan, there are flaws, here and there, but nobdy's perfect right. Alhamdulillah.... semua berjalan lancar. I'll upload pics later, penat masih beluh hilang lagi ni.... adoiiiiiii.......................................................................